GC Bir-Mac Maleficent of Birquest

Member of Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers and National Birman Fanciers

Welcome, Birman Fanciers!   Birquest Birmans is a very small cattery, located in Northwest Arkansas. Birquest prides itself in producing excellent Birman cats, with attention to the entire cat. Our kittens are raised underfoot, and born in my master bedroom. They are handled from birth, forward, and like sitting on our laps. As youngsters, they are taken to stores, parks, Sonic, Petsmart, Petco, and where ever I can safely take them, in order to socialize them and increase their confidence. They are bathed regularly and blown dry, in an effort to condition them to grooming.  A well-socialized kitten is a wonderful pet experience.

Only The Best!Health, Temperament, Beauty

These are some examples of the type and colors we breed, at Birquest. Starting at left is a blue point girl*, top is a seal point girl, right is a seal point girl, and bottom is a seal tabby point girl.

       *Special thanks to Julie Collin of Pleasantview Birmans, for allowing Kiri to come to live at Birquest!


Pictured: Top of page: GC Bir-Mac Maleficent of Birquest*

Far left: GC Pleasantview Kiri of Birquest-RETIRED

Top center: GPD, RW Birquest Journeybound-RETIRED

Right center: GC, RW Birquest All That Jazz

Bottom center: GC, RW Birquest Lunamosity

    * Sincere thanks to Tom and Karen McIlrath for allowing Malle to come to Birquest.